Looking for the REAL FOOD

Real Food? What does that mean?

In one commercial, Real Food turned out to be beef, and attractive celebrities lauded it’s virtues. An authoritative voice explained that three ounces of the new, leaner cuts of beef contained no more cholesterol than three ounces of chicken. What the Voice didn’t say was that lean beef, while comparable to chicken in cholesterol content, contains three to six times more dangerous,cholesterol-raising saturated fat. Besides who eats three ounce portions? The average hamburger weights close to five ounces and an average-size steak weighs about six ounces.

But isn’t meat an important source of protein?

Meat is a nutritious source of protein but it carries along a number of problems. For one thing, most people overestimate their protein needs. The Recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein is a generously adequate 44-61 grams, yet many people consume two to three times this much. And much of the excess is derived from animal foods.

Yet we’ve known for years that excessive amounts of proteins are toxic to the kidneys. An even bigger problem is the hefty doses of fat (mostly saturated) and cholesterol that a serving of meat carries. Scientific research has overwhelmingly implicated a rich diet as the major culprit in today’s diseases. And the rich foods that are doing us in are mostly animal products, such as meat, eggs and dairy products.

The trouble is , while the human body is able to nourish itself on animal foods, it lacks the special protection against large amounts of fat and cholesterol that carnivorous animals have. in humans, excessive fat and cholesterol stack up in the bloodstream and begin attaching to the linings of blood vessels. Gradually, over time, arteries thicken and narrow, and plaque forms.

As blood supplies to vital organs diminish or are cut off, the stage is set for many of today’s killer diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and several types of cancer.

Are you suggesting that a meatless lifestyle is better?

There are millions of people around the world getting along just fine on plant protein diets. Consider some of the advantages:

Dicreased risk of Disease.

Vegetarian populations are remarkably free of the killer diseases that are ravishing westernized countries.

Healthier Longetivity.

Statistically , vegetarians are thinner, healthier , and live longer than the average person.

Increased Food Safety

-As soon as an animal dies, enzymes are released which begin the process of decay. proper preservation of meat is a continuing challenge.


16 responses to “Looking for the REAL FOOD

  1. I heard repeatedly that eating meat, beef, or in general resources based from animals will increase blood pressure, reduce out virtual age, while vigi is the solution for healthy life.

  2. I definitely agree with your post. Well, Meat is not that bad but sometimes you should have a limitation in your intake. It takes 4 to 7 days to digest it. That’s why you should chew it thoroughly.

  3. We have been raised as vegetarians but sometimes we do eat fish and some lean meat because there are also some nutrients and content not found in vegetables.

  4. Humans are classified as omnivores. Therefore, I don’t see the harm in eating meat as long as you stick to the recommended daily serving. Many days I don’t eat meat simply because I don’t want meat. I like having veggie and grain only days occasionally.

  5. I cannot imagine not having meat, but to each his own. The food that we like to eat is a lifestyle preference … as long as everything is in moderation.

  6. Beef is not my favorite meat but I believe in portion control to be important. We need balance diet that being said I am not giving up my meat. I love them. I am in good health and I don’t abuse my body by over eating. But I have seen a lot of people consume so much meat and yes they have health problem.

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