Don’t Trust Your Hormones

At 16, you’re just halfway through getting a degree. Don’t you think it’s a bit early for both of you to have a relationship? Your parents believed would be pleased if you prioritize your studies.

Parents are proud to see their children graduate first, have a job, then get happily settled. To them, every sacrifices worth it. Hence their concern should their children get into a relationship because could affect their studies. Parents especially fear for their daughters lest they get pregnant or get married before attaining a degree. Your parents trust you, yes, but not your hormones. And this may be their greatest fear.

However, if you’re already of age a degree holder, have a stable job and financially independent I’m sure they won’t be as overprotective  as they are now. In fact, they’d probably get nervous should you, either if your age laps on the calendar, continue to enjoy single blessedness.

So if your parents insist that you cut off your relationship with him now , you can either trust their judgement or assert your choice.


Secret Affair

According to my friend;

“I’m a professional with kids. My husband works abroad. Were married 15 years. One day an 18-year-old man, who’d rendered service to my family, confessed his feelings for me-saying I have the qualities he likes in a woman. I counseled him to look for unmarried ladies. However, I have this growing feeling for him too.

It’s the need for romance that usually triggers an affair. This may happen when the husband is away, as in case, or when he has become to engrossed in life he forgot he has a wife who needs his hugs and kisses.

How would you feel if your husband strikes  up a friendship with a younger lady. So before physical attraction gets too difficult to resist, before your kids and your husband get wind of this brewing romance, cut it off clean. Don’t let a secret affair destroy your family and their respect for you.

You did it right by counseling him. But let that session be the first and the last. Otherwise you’re still courting danger. Tactfully tell him to stop his visits despite the services you may still need. You’re bothered because you received no assurance of forgiveness from him.

Don’t you think it’s better that he distanced himself from you? He has reasons for doing so which you should respect. Just remember that life  does not end with him.

Aside from the work and studies get involved in activities to keep you occupied. Moved on. Realize your goals. Face the sun and the shadows will fall behind you. Don’t let that one incident put your life on hold.


11 responses to “Don’t Trust Your Hormones

  1. I read in a book that when you’re married and start having feelings for someone else it’s only fair to confess them to your spouse. If he/she wants to work on the issue then he/she will help you get through this and you will bond even stronger.

  2. It is important to always honor your marriage vows. If not what is the sense of being married? Facebook and other social medias are blamed for a lot but it is the person cheating who is to blame.

  3. Such a great post. Love reading sentimental things like this that really have a great message. I think every woman should read this BEFORE they get married!

  4. I would say it can be hard to control your hormones, but if you’re married it’s something that you pretty much vowed to do. So either stay true to your words, or you have to live with the fact of what you did.

  5. Your hormones have nothing to do with it. If someone decides to cheat, they will do so. If one is not happy in their relationship, not feeling loved, not getting what they want out of it, they will either cheat on their other half or dump them. Sometimes, you cheat & have the affair, because you still need something from the first people. Like, a house over your head, money, or something material wise. You have to keep the fire in your relationship and something like this would never happen to start with.

  6. First of all,I’m unsure what the two subjects have to do with each other OR hormones. Teens usually feel a lot of self-entitled privileges are actually RIGHTS. Such as,they don’t have the burden of thinking of how hard or much work goes into paying bills,putting food on the table or the gas cost it takes to bring them all over. They don’t SEE that part of living,because (most) parents don’t share it with their kids. Most kids think asking for say,an iPhone is no biggie. When that is a $600+ purchase,ALONE. Not to mention the on-going costs of monthly bills. ESPECIALLY when they abuse the PRIVILEGE. So it’s not that the child should “suffer through” until they can “be on their own”. It’s more like,if you aren’t satisfied with your situation and think you can do better,by all means either pitch in and lessen the burden or go find your own place. Go be a “grown-up” and when you come back crying,well,”it’s the hormones,I suppose.”
    As far as affairs,there’s so much more to it than hormones. There’s emotional affairs,physical affairs,mental affairs and so much more. What that sounds like to me? It sounds like the stress of her husband being home less,has taken a toll on the marriage. Her husband is either unable or refuses to pay more attention to his homefront and less on his job. Sounds like the wife isn’t being vocal about her needs. If she is,then she needs to physically show him (not by having an affair) and maybe they need to pursue other means (therapy) to see if the relationship IS salvagable. It’s wrong to tell someone to stay in a situation because “divorce is bad”. Being unhappy,for the time we live,isn’t right either. You have a choice,change the situation or remove yourself from it. Plain and simple. If your marriage is breaking and you don’t want to save it,then you need to decide that and move on.
    It’s interesting,you’re giving out this advice. Do you happen to actually have/be raising a teen? Or are you married or were you married? Because I’m unsure how someone appoints themselves a “expert” on a situation they’ve never fond themselves in. That’d be like a white woman,telling a black man,how to live his life. How can you tell someone the way to live,if you’ve NEVER experienced that life or situation,previously?

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